Meeting My Mentor

After listening to several second-year students and their mentors talk about their experiences being part of the D’Amore-McKim Mentor Program, I decided to sign up so that I could be paired with a mentor of my own. I am thrilled to be joining Hasbro for a Corporate Residency in brand marketing beginning in June, and thought it would be helpful to have someone experienced to lean on for support and advice as I navigate my new role.  After a couple of weeks, I learned that my new mentor, Yolanda, is a graduate of the full-time MBA program and has since proven her success as a brand manager for multiple major consumer companies.

Yolanda is based in the greater New York area, but she fortunately comes to Boston often, and we were able to meet at Peet’s Coffee in Harvard Square over the weekend.  Our meeting was great and I feel that there is so much I can learn from her experiences. She stressed that building and maintaining relationships is often the biggest challenge when entering a new workplace, and encouraged me to reach out to her whenever I need help working through any difficulties, managing stress, or just want someone to talk to. Having an experienced, third party contact that I can refer to will be extremely helpful since Yolanda will be able to provide an outside perspective on any tough situations I may encounter.  I am so impressed by the wide range of consumer companies she’s worked for, and I truly look forward to getting to know her better over the course of this program.

I felt excited and relieved to have my Corporate Residency in place by the beginning of February, but the coursework this semester has certainly been challenging. My team and I are gearing up for our Interdisciplinary Project presentations in just a couple of weeks, and it’s hard to believe the semester is flying by at such a quick pace—I can’t wrap my head around that fact that we have less than a month left as first-year students.  With the short amount of time that I have left this semester, I plan to work hard, enjoy spending time with my classmates, and continue to prepare for my International Field Study trip to Peru and Colombia in May!


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